Bespoke illustration work for Faberge's jewellery point of sale display in Harrods, SS 2019.  The display features four background boards, smaller counter signage and a three-part tower display.

Each illustration presents gem stones in various forms and layouts to represent the themes of Cuts, Colour, Clarity & Carat, The illustrations are created in a collage style, using photographs that also reflect the themes.

The three-part tower display, in the style a museum information board/timeline; communicates the journey of a gem stone from mine-to-market to explain how the cut, colour, clarity and carat make each gem so unique and valuable.

Poster Mockup 5.jpg

"It’s been lovely to work with Poppy, we have been very happy with her reactivity and the quality of her work. The team love the display - it’s getting a lot of attention!"


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